Anyone Can Paint

People often tell me that they can’t draw. I tell them that anyone can draw. They usually stop talking to me at that point. Would they prefer that I say that I belong to a very elite group of people who can actually put pencil to paper and draw lines that represent reality? Would they prefer that I tell them that I agree that they can’t draw and there is no use trying?

I believe that anyone can draw and paint but they just don’t want to. People tell me that “of course they want to, but they just can’t”. I think people have no idea what they can or can’t do, but they have a very good idea what they want to do. It is perfectly reasonable that people do not want to draw and paint. I find it very satisfying but there is no reason that they should. People are often amazed by my paintings and I am often equally amazed by what they do. If they really want to do something then they likely can but they need to want to enough to go through the learning process.

2 thoughts on “Anyone Can Paint

  1. I tell people anyone can paint too. it’s only a matter of how much time do you have to work on it, because the more you do the better you get.


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