I Don’t Know Much About Art

So, you say I’m an artist (thank you) how can I not know much about art? I know that I like to paint which is a good thing since I have time on my hands. I know that things attract me because of their surface or the light falling on them or the way the light changes as it falls on them. I know that I see things in an image that I think I can improve to make a better image. A painting occasionally creates an illusion of reality or starts to look real, which is the thing that really motivates me and makes me want to paint more because wonder of wonders it sometimes happens to my own work. I don’t know how this happens or even why it happens, but I know I like it when it does and I hope it happens for others when they view my paintings.

I wanted to take art classes in school but unfortunately, I was reasonably good in sciences and so was pushed in that direction. I don’t hold a grudge against any of my teachers or counsellors because everyone knows that there is no money in art, although I don’t believe this I can understand why most people would. I’m not convinced that there is much to know about art. My enjoyment of it and need to do it has little or nothing to do with what I know about art. I don’t have much to say about my own art and I have less to say about anyone else’s art so I question what anyone says when they talk about art. Some people think they see deep meaning in art but there certainly isn’t any deep meaning to my own. Other artists might have an underlying meaning embodied in their art and how they do it but with my own I can only say that I do it because I like doing it. I might not like the final result; in fact, I often don’t but I enjoy the process. So, I don’t think I know much about art and I’m unconvinced that there is anything more to know; the best I have come up with so far is, try it and if you enjoy it, you are an expert.

Art Artistry and Talent

It is my opinion that anyone can draw. Apparently, Neanderthals did not or could not draw, at least we haven’t found any paintings on cave walls that we can attribute to them. For some reason we humans have a propensity for art but I’ve had a difficult time understanding how that might benefit us. I’ve mentioned my ideas of what I call the Reality Illusion and there could be some survival benefit to that so, our propensity for art may at one time, have had some beneficial effects for our survival.

If we imagine and see a potential hazard then we might be able to avoid that hazard. Creating a three-dimensional mental construct of our surroundings might give us a better chance of navigating the world around us without mishap, so perhaps a better chance of survival. If we imagine a Lion in the grass and there turns out to be one, then we might have a fraction of a second longer to climb a tree. This has little or nothing to do with my present art work but it’s definitely interesting and may have something to do with the reality illusion.

You might notice that I have set aside the portrait I was working on and replaced it with a simpler work. The portrait was progressing very slowly since I was making up most of it. The present project should be a bit of a holiday and should progress very quickly. I will revisit the portrait again later.

Colour doesn’t matter

Silly statement because of course colour matters; doesn’t it?

I’m presently working on a portrait and the subject will have leather boots. I’m putting in some highlights on the boots and it occurred to me that this is reflective light so what colour should it be? I’m making this image up as I go along. The reflected light could come from anywhere so the colour of the reflected light doesn’t really mater so long as it loosely fits my 3D visualization of what the scene should look like. The reflected light could come from anywhere both behind and in front of the subject of the portrait. The problem is believability, so the reflection needs to be of a quality and colour that is believable.

Favourite Museums

My favourite museum is the Metropolitan in New York. I have only been there a couple of times but my wife has been there several times. My most favourite thing about the Metropolitan is that I often get lost and it takes some time to get out, but I see something wonderful in the process. Some years ago, my wife and I were searching for the Arms and Armour exhibit and couldn’t find it. To be accurate I was looking for the exhibit, she kindly followed along. Looking around I was sure that we had walked by this particular area before, so I decided it was time to ask directions. I approached a staff member and asked where I could find the Arms and Armour exhibit; he pointed to a door not ten feet away.

Museums can be wonderful places. I like sculpture, but I am not a sculptor. We’ve just returned from a trip to Washington DC, and a look at the museums on the mall, including some Smithsonian museums. We saw a wonderful sculpture called the Veiled Nun. I don’t understand how you can see through marble but I could definitely see through the veil.