Art Forums

One of the recommendations for promoting art work that I have read many times is to participate in art forums. I have looked often at various forums asking questions that I might answer. It had to be something that I thought I could answer with a relevant comment and add to the conversation, this has been a discouraging search. It is clear to me that most people have no idea what an artist might be able to do for them, most questions are just requests for an artist to do work for a small or non-existent fee, that the person making the request could easily do themselves.

People generally don’t think they are capable of anything to do with art or drawing and are unwilling to make the attempt. I think that people have been told many times that they can’t draw but I’m still very curious as to how they ended up with the idea that it had no value. Years of experience have given me the impression that the only way to make most people value the finished product is to deny them those products. On several occasions I’ve finally said “so, you do it”, which they proceeded to do with good results. On some occasions I’ve cleaned up the result and made it look a little more professional, but the idea was theirs. I think that on these occasions they placed more value on the finished product than they would have if I had done it alone, but they were often unwilling to take any credit for it. This reinforces my idea that everyone is an artist.

Now it’s possible that the finished drawing, done by a customer, may be unsophisticated or childish in some ways, but that is just a question of experience. Children are outrageously creative but don’t have the experience to finish the drawing. Adults can be equally creative but are unwilling to appear unsophisticated or childish. I’ve had some long conversations with clients who had a very good understanding about what their customers wanted but had very little idea of how to interpret this in a visual way. This is the expertise that an artist brings to the table.