Art Marketing

There is no pricing on my Website because I am not in a position at the moment where I can sell paintings, nevertheless I have settled on a pricing method that should work. I add together the vertical and horizontal dimensions of a painting and multiply it by a number that will produce a price. I got this from another artist’s website some years ago. You could also multiply the vertical and horizontal measurements then multiply by a price. This method ties the price to the size of the painting because I believe most buyers think that the larger a painting is, the more it should cost. This isn’t really valid, but if the people with the money believe it, then who am I to argue.

Many of my paintings are reasonably large but I am limited by the size of my studio. Some of these paintings have taken a very long time to finish, and some have completed very quickly, so I can’t say that a fair price has anything to do with how long the work takes to complete. I am somewhat mystified by how much, or how little, people think is a fair price but the system I have adopted at least gives my pricing some consistency which is important because some buyers expect it. Always try to give the customer what they want.

I have started a Blog; this Blog. I was recommended doing this because it would increase the traffic to my Website, although I can’t say that I have noticed. As a graphic designer I’ve designed a few Websites and I’m interested in coding, although I didn’t want to start blogging. Turns out that I have a lot of opinions and actually enjoy writing about them. I try to write my opinions in a way that helps other artists but I make no promises. Blogging is simple, costs nothing and provides me with a soapbox; I make it a habit to read art marketing blogs and articles that I can agree or disagree with then write about it in my blog, so there is no shortage of topics. As a result, I recommend blogging to other artists. If you are just not a writer and you would rather be painting; then paint and forget about blogging.

Thank you for reading this Blog. If you have any interest in my Website then drop in at