I am a Realist Painter

This is something I’ve been trying to avoid but it is clear as I continue painting that my style is Realism. I want people to imagine that they are looking at reality when they view my paintings; I call this the Reality Illusion. I’m looking at the paintings of Peder Mørk Mønsted and his work is similar to the way I paint, although he was definitely the better artist. Initially I wanted to paint in more of an impressionist style and tried to, but I always revert to a more realistic style although I’m still trying to make my style more impressionistic. I’m presently working on the brick wall of a building and I have to stop myself from adding in ridiculous amounts of detail. I try to make the painting appear real hence the reality illusion but I would also like the painting to have a more impressionistic appearance. I greatly admire artists who paint with an impressionistic style yet still impart an illusion of reality to the scene.