I was reading a Blog about brushes a few days ago and one of the headlines was ‘Don’t stop at one’. I laughed a little and looked over at my collection. The photo in the article that I was reading showed a collection of very used almost decrepit brushes; looking at my collection I realised that most of them are in better shape. At first, I was a little proud of this but after some thought I realised that some of my brushes are 40 years old and maybe more. So perhaps I’m just not using them as much as I should, but it doesn’t seem to stop me from buying more.

I’ve talked about my brushes before. I doubt that I have as many as some artists. In my own defense I learned to paint when I was young and became a graphic artist when I was older and had children. So, I have brushes from when I was young and I’ve been collecting them slowly ever since. I have to agree with the advice of not stopping at one. Sometimes I will search through my whole collection searching for the one perfect brush. I consider this a good reason to head to the store to find another of those ‘perfect’ brushes.