Art Artistry and Talent

It is my opinion that anyone can draw. Apparently, Neanderthals did not or could not draw, at least we haven’t found any paintings on cave walls that we can attribute to them. For some reason we humans have a propensity for art but I’ve had a difficult time understanding how that might benefit us. I’ve mentioned my ideas of what I call the Reality Illusion and there could be some survival benefit to that so, our propensity for art may at one time, have had some beneficial effects for our survival.

If we imagine and see a potential hazard then we might be able to avoid that hazard. Creating a three-dimensional mental construct of our surroundings might give us a better chance of navigating the world around us without mishap, so perhaps a better chance of survival. If we imagine a Lion in the grass and there turns out to be one, then we might have a fraction of a second longer to climb a tree. This has little or nothing to do with my present art work but it’s definitely interesting and may have something to do with the reality illusion.

You might notice that I have set aside the portrait I was working on and replaced it with a simpler work. The portrait was progressing very slowly since I was making up most of it. The present project should be a bit of a holiday and should progress very quickly. I will revisit the portrait again later.