Do Something

I am stuck, with the painting on my easel. This has happened to me many times, both in this painting and others over the years. I remember one of my teachers saying “Do something” during one of these ‘stuck’ moments. She told me to put a large dollop of red onto the part of my painting that was giving me trouble. Ridiculous thing to do but I did it anyway and suddenly I began to see other problems with the painting and I was no longer stuck.

I don’t believe that red has anything to do with this phenomenon, but colour may have. The spot of contrasting colour seems to change the way I perceive the painting and opens other possibilities while allowing me to see problems that I couldn’t before. I don’t believe the colour red has anything to do with it so long as it’s a contrasting colour, white or black doesn’t seem to have the same affect. I’ve also tried various other colours but I don’t see any benefit so long as the colour is significantly different to others in the painting. I no longer use this contrasting colour trick, but I do follow the advice to simply DO SOMETHING and as soon as I do, my perception changes and other problems seem to leap off the painting.