My Creative Process

Sometimes I simply know what I’m going to paint next, and other times I have no clue. I roam the Internet looking for ideas and often I find them in the ‘pictures’ Google link of whatever I’m searching for. I no longer use pictures I find on Google for paintings but I do use internet images for reference. For example, on the present portrait I’m working on I was looking for something to put on the back wall of the painting. I found a hanging rope that looks good. The colours were wrong so I changed it to black and white and flipped it horizontally. On a given painting I might use 20 or more reference images, even if the painting is based on a photo that I have personally taken.

The featured image on this post shows my latest portrait. This will be my third attempt at a likeness. The difficulty here is that I’m mixing images and significantly altering clothing and location, so I’m having a little difficulty getting proportions right.

For my next painting there is an old picture that I took years ago. It’s just back-lit long grass at the edge of a lake. Nothing special but the light is wonderful and I’ve wanted to paint it for some years now. I’ve been trying to decide on a mid-ground but nothing has come up so far, so, I think I’m just going to paint the grass. I’m really looking forward to it because it’s almost going to be a holiday compared to the present portrait. I’ll enjoy it because the one after will be extremely difficult.