Size of Work

Different interior spaces call for different sizes of work.  For very large images I like the idea of the image running over multiple painting surfaces, this is something I definitely plan to do in the future. I’ve noticed it a lot on room décor sites and it seems popular on some of the decorator sites. One thing I don’t do is paintings designed to fit in a particular room. The painting needs to stand on its own and colours it might need to fit in a particular room, are immaterial; that is what frames are for.

I often choose my painting board based on an impression of how big the finished painting should be. Some subjects just demand more room than others. With a subject in mind I go to the art store and start taking out and looking at art boards. They must be sick of me because someone needs to put them all back on the shelf. I’ve occasionally bought art boards, brought them home and set them up to be astonished how small them seem. When finished the art board has to fit into my attic, so I buy accordingly. If I split the work into several smaller pieces then the final result could appear huge and I might have difficultly viewing them in my small studio. I like large painting surfaces so the idea of dividing them up on smaller boards is quite appealing.