FREE Books

I recently finished my latest art book. I’m a graphic designer and have put together a number of books, so to keep busy while the paint is drying I have been putting together books. It’s incredibly easy on the computer since I don’t need any other equipment or space. So no mallets, book blocks, glue, saws or knives. I have put together several physical books and I enjoy doing it, I am planning to get or make a book sewing jig; but none of these tools are required to make the file that could be sent to an offset press.

These books are FREE and available in PDF. I could have put them in one of many other e-book formats but PDF seemed the most useful. I have the ability to use many different formats except some of the exclusive ones like Kindle. Even though I can’t save a book to some of the proprietary formats there are applications (usually free) that will, but the PDF standard appears to be the most universally used and can easily be viewed on your computer which allows images to be seen in colour. Sorry, those of you who like to view things on your phone might be a little out of luck.