Is Art An Inherited Trait?

I don’t know; however I call myself an artist, my oldest daughter is an artist, my youngest has a good eye and is very talented as is my wife. It’s interesting that my oldest daughter paints and I paint; my wife’s talent lies in crafts and my youngest daughter is a photographer. I don’t know which side my daughters get their talent from. On my wife’s side of the family there are some good dancers.

I keep hearing of others in my extended family that have also been artists although not professionally. There are quite a few of them and it makes me think that there must be something in my family’s gene pool that makes art enjoyable. Maybe if you have an uncle or aunt who call themselves artists it is more likely that your mother and father will take you seriously when you want to draw and paint.

I’m not convinced that ‘Talent’ is inherited although many would disagree. I believe that anyone can draw but many may not enjoy it; if someone enjoyed playing music then perhaps they would become a musician. It’s interesting that musicians ‘play’ but engineers ‘build’. I wonder if all languages make this distinction? I think it is the potential for enjoyment that is inherited not the capability to draw. Enjoyment is a much more subtle and perhaps powerful thing than is ‘talent’ or ‘capability’.

So I think it’s not the ability to draw that is inherited but rather the enjoyment of drawing that might be inherited. If you enjoy it you will do more of it and get better to the point that you might wow others looking at your art.