Lately I’ve been looking for ways to increase traffic to this blog and my Website. I am not fully invested in either one, it’s a bit of a hobby for me as is this promotional interest. I’m guessing that others of you out there are looking for the same thing. I’ve promised myself and my wife that I will not spend any money so I’m looking for freebies.

The ask is simple; e-mail two people and include a link to my blog or Website in the e-mail. There is no tracking except through Google Analytics and it only records how many people look, not who they are. There is no need to say anything about my paintings. I promise to report any traffic increases on this blog because it might be something that you could use. At present the traffic to this blog is very low and the same is true for my Website.

The image I include is a quick Photoshop paste-up of one of my paintings on a living-room wall. It’s not my living-room. It’s a simple idea that is easy to do and used on many sites, but not usually on artist’s sites. I’m not at all sure that an artist should do this because of how I feel about paintings that match rooms. I believe that the painting should stand on its own. If you want the painting to fit in the room; that is what the frame is for. The frame can have elements and colours that link it to other paintings or items in the room, but I don’t believe it is an artist’s job to paint something that looks good in a particular room.