Concerned That Your Images Will Be Stolen?

I have been complaining that some of the images (photos) I have used from the Web do not have Metadata attached. As a result I have been diligently filling out metadata information on my own work. I’ve also noticed that images I’ve uploaded to WordPress have been converted to WEBP format. That’s a lossless compression format that I suspect is related to JPEG. Photoshop can’t open WEBP images (there are likely Add-ons and work-arounds) so it’s nice to know that images uploaded to my Blog are somewhat protected; I’m assuming that Metadata is retained with WEBP images.

I’ve never been terribly concerned about images of my paintings on the Web. I guess if someone were using one of my painting images, plastering it on a T-Shirt and making a ton of money on it, I would need to do something about it. If they were actually making enough money to be referred to as a ‘Ton-of’ my mercenary side would want a cut. If it were one of my photographs on the net I would like someone using it for a painting to give me credit. If it were being used to do a painting I would be pleased but I would still like some credit. Difficult to ask for credit if I haven’t supplied any information.

Many modern digital cameras will automatically include information in metadata including GPS information. I think that the best way to ensure that I get recognition is to make sure my name is associated with the image; be it a photograph or image of a painting. If the image is used elsewhere and my name is in the metadata, then it’s just advertising for me. If it’s used in a publication or in some commercial endeavour then I would at least like credit and maybe payment depending on where and how it’s used.

I’m not really concerned about images of my work being stolen. If my house were burgled and my paintings stolen (good luck some of them are reasonably large) I’m still not concerned because I have pictures of them all and they are on the Web so they couldn’t be sold. No one could get much for them in any case.

I believe that my paintings are not really worth much; not that I would feel guilty about charging an arm and a leg for them if they were sold. The value to me is in painting another.