Row Boat On A Fiord In Northern Europe

OK so I’m a little tired of looking at the portrait I have on my easel so the featured image here is of another painting. I’ve also been reading about the latest SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimisation) so the format is a little different. I’ve been building Websites for some years and I’m familiar with SEO but things change and I definitely need a little refresher.

I sometimes find images to paint on the Internet. I try not to use images that have been worked on. I often modify them extensively in the painting. In this case I think the painting is pretty close to the original image, close enough that I would love to give a nod to the photographer but sadly there is no metadata in the image and I didn’t make note of what Website I pulled it from. Even if I had there might not be any information as to the photographer.

SEO is not for everyone. I’m a bit of a geek so I find it interesting. Since I know how to build Websites I’m a little averse to paying anyone to do it for me and I find it interesting. There is my geeky side again. I view it as a bit of a hobby.

I will continue to look for images on the Internet but for Photographers out there please remember that I can’t attach any information about you unless it’s in the metadata. Hopefully a search engine will scan this page and pick up that it’s about an acrylic painting. This is why I’m writing that it’s an old looking rowboat sitting in the water and reflecting a sunset. I could write hundreds of words describing the painting but I just don’t see how it is worth it. It’s certainly worth taking a few minutes to roughly describe the image so that it might be easier to search.