Signs you sell paintings for a living

Your cat is eating your paint.

All your paint tubes are nearly empty.

One or more of your doors has been used as a painting surface.

There are a dozen paintings of your cat on your walls. It’s getting skinnier.

Your computer is filled with various unrelated photos that you intend to paint.

You can’t remember what’s in your computer trash. Most of them are pictures of unfinished paintings.

Your friends and familly stand rolling their eyes while you take inane pictures that you might like to paint. Actually this happens even if you don’t paint to eat.

Your studio isn’t warm enough to dry the paint.


The painting in progress you see here is a portrait of my daughter’s husband. I’ve taken some liberties with accoutrements. I think he will like it; particularly the sword. This is the sword I’ve decided to use. It’s a court sword so there is very little hilt but I’ll put some wear on the grip.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a portrait. I found that the better I know a person the more difficult the portrait is to paint or draw.