How to Explain Acrylic Paint to Your Mom

I find the title of this Blog funny. I got it from a content generator which I’m using for Blog ideas. Many suggestions aren’t very useful but occasionally one jumps out at me. Explaining technology to your parents can be difficult. My parents were pretty savvy so I didn’t need to do this very often. My daughters don’t need to explain things to me very often either however I don’t own a cell phone so to my daughters I’m OLD.

Oil media’s development is credited to Jan Van Eyck around the year 1410. Da Vinci was experimenting with oils which was a new media at the time and he used it to paint the Mona Lisa. Oils and Acrylics are essentially identical in the context of pigments suspended in a drying media. Oils and Acrylics can use the same pigments and often do. Acrylics being new, use more NEW pigments.

The consistency of acrylics or oils is a little like cake batter. The pigments would be equated to spices, chocolate chips and raisins in the batter. My brother-in-law compares baking to mixing mortar. Actually it’s quite similar. The acrylics would then be like the flour mixture in the cake. The cake sets with heat in the oven; acrylics set by drying. Oils also set by drying but the process is much slower. So painting is a little bit like baking a cake but without the sugar rush. I’m not trying to be sexist by associating your mom with baking but I think it’s more likely she is a baker than a brick layer.