I’m thinking of and looking up ways to promote my Website and Blog. Most of the ideas that I find I just don’t want to or can’t do, or they just don’t make sense. I’m not presently in a position to sell my work, I’ve said that before and some may be wondering why. I’ve been diagnosed with MS and am on disability as a result. The contract with the Insurance Company handling my disability makes selling my work difficult. Not that my paintings would sell well or at all if I were in a position to market them.

Promotion and sale of my paintings is difficult for me. I suspect this is true for many artists; it’s certainly true for my daughter and I. Luckily I’ve been working with coding Websites for some years now and I find it fun, I suspect it’s much more of a chore for most. I try to make these posts useful but I suspect they are often not, nevertheless it is fun to do and I get to write about the trials and tribulation I face as an artist. My hope is that this will help my daughter but I think that she is much more in tune with the art world than I will ever be so it’s lucky that I don’t need to paint to eat.

So looking up ways to promote my Website is interesting because I’m not willing to put out any money or write about anything but art. I certainly haven’t found a magic bullet yet for promotion. Too often I’m confronted with having to put out some money or supply some information that I’m unwilling to provide. Here are a couple of interesting sites that have promotional ideas that I didn’t know;

So many opinions but using bold and italic text really isn’t difficult, and it might help. I haven’t read anywhere that it’s a bad thing. At worst it might just be ignored if done too much. I suspect that you need to make sure that the correct tags are used. Whatever text application you are using might not do this, so check the HTML. Applications associated with a blog site probably work OK but I’m not so sure about word processing or page layout applications.

You might have heard about pinging, this is just a way to alert search engines about new posts. WordPress does this automatically. It is possible that overuse of pinging could brand your site as spam. Deep Linking is perhaps a little different so rather than try to explain it hear is a Deep Link to my site. You don’t need to go there but just providing the link might improve my Websites rank.