Oils and Acrylics

Here is a quote from a Website, I suspect it’s a poor translation;

“Oil painting is often regarded as an artwork of greatest value. Acrylic oil painting on canvas is a gem of an artwork and one can download such a template over the net. Needless to mention, such a canvas is a proud possession in the drawing room.”

First I don’t know what an acrylic oil painting is. I agree that oils are often given greater value than acrylics but I don’t understand why. Acrylics allowed an artist to squeeze paint directly from the tube onto the painting and it would still dry. This was almost de rigueur in acrylic paintings 50 years ago. I use acrylics because they don’t smell. For the most part all the techniques I learned for oils work with acrylics. I feel that it’s not the medium that I use but rather my control of it that matters.

Acrylics have many advantages over oils. They dry faster and that is both a problem and an advantage. Acrylics are likely more archival in some ways but there is quite a bit of controversy about that, so at present the jury is out. There are more pigments available with acrylics since oils still use mostly traditional ones and there are quite a few new very good pigments. Acrylics don’t produce cracks like oil paint but be aware that they don’t harden like oil so they can be a little sticky.

I’ve found a lot of good information about paint on this site: https://www.si.edu/mci/english/learn_more/taking_care/acrylic_paintings.html
Some of this information imparts a rather pessimistic view of acrylics. I don’t believe it’s as bad as that and new conservancy methods will be developed. In any event I really don’t care what happens to my paintings 400 years from now. I paint because I enjoy it, but it’s worthwhile knowing more about the medium if only to impress buyers.

This particular painting uses Quinacridone Magenta for the flowers. It was the first time I used that colour so I named it after the pigment. I had no idea what to name it. Perhaps Forest Flowers would have been better but by the time I’m finished a painting if a name hasn’t presented itself I’m too tired of it to pay much attention.