I Like Small Brushes

I sometimes think of small brushes as the bane of my existence. Unfortunately I like them and continue to use them. I have been trying for years to make my work more impressionistic and one way is to use larger brushes. I have recently given this up and wrote a post about it. I’ve given up trying to make my work more impressionistic but that has no effect on my penchant for small brushes. Small brushes make painting slow and they presume detail which slows down the work. It’s not that I want to be blistering fast, I just get impatient if the painting doesn’t start to resolve itself. I’ve talked a lot about the reality illusion. That’s just my term for the impression of reality I get as I’m working on a painting. I get impatient if the illusion doesn’t start to happen about half way through the painting. Curiously it’s not a good thing if it happens too early. The best results happen if the illusion doesn’t start until the very last moment with the use of small brushes. This is hugely frustrating.