Top 10 Canadian Painters

Ok so this is MY top ten list and it changes, there might be a couple more than ten. Perhaps not daily but definitely weekly. I like Impressionistic styles. I’d like my style to be more impressionistic but I have a great deal of trouble with that so I wrote a post recently that I have given up impressionism. At least I’ve given up trying to paint in a more impressionistic style.

I’m not going to put them in any order so here they are:
I like his work. His website has a lot of information about acrylic mediums.
Ok so it’s not painting. When I first saw her work in New Westminster I was immediately drawn to it. I first thought it was paint. It’s fabric. It’s beautiful.
Her waves are beautiful. So is all her other work but I love the way she paints waves.
Beautiful. This is how I’d like to paint but my style just doesn’t go there.
Flowers. I like flowers but I get lost in the petals.
I don’t like abstract paintings. These aren’t abstract but they have an abstract look. Nevertheless they are wonderful.
They look like they have far more detail than they actually do.
I love the warm sky over the bridge.
My first thought is thought is that I shouldn’t like her work. The geometric forms she uses are striking. I like it.
Whimsical. Her animals have such life.
He likes warm paintings. So do I.
I think his work has inspired me more than any other.
Carol Borrett’s paintings are so friendly. I love how well she paints creek water; so transparent.