Areas that don’t make sense.

There are areas in most if not all of my paintings that don’t make sense. So my question today is why do I have to work to make some small parts of my paintings make sense? Why do they not make sense? Who decides that they don’t make sense? OK so clearly I’m the one that’s bothered with them. I’m assuming that others will be bothered too. I’m presently working on a painting of boats. They are in the distance and tied up at a dock. Various fishing, sailing and pleasure boats. Some of the boats are behind others so I can’t see exactly how they are oriented and as a result they’re orientation doesn’t immediately make sense. It’s taken me a couple of weeks but I think I now know why they look the way they do. My internal model of their orientation has changed and unfortunately I won’t know if it affects the final painting because I will never be able to see the boats in any other way.

I’ve noticed in the past that just because an area of a painting doesn’t obviously make sense doesn’t mean it doesn’t look right. There are areas everywhere we look in reality that don’t make sense. That may be because they are far away or it may be that things are in the way and block our vision. If the subject of my painting looks wrong then I fix it. This sometimes means that I make stuff up in order to make it look right. So if areas of reality don’t look quite right then perhaps it would be wrong for me to make stuff up to make them look right in a painting? This assumes I’m looking for a realistic result and I usually am. This is a fine line to travel; sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t.

I just loaded the image and there are no boats. I’m not crazy (not that I’m aware of). The boats are in the original photo (I had to check). I haven’t put them in the painting yet and that may be because I wasn’t settled on their orientation. They just didn’t make sense.