Another About The Reality Illusion

First, what colour do you see in the image? My camera sees blue. It’s a wash on canvas of Dioxazine purple. It looks very different in my studio.

So not everyone sees the reality illusion in my paintings. This suggests that the internal visualisation of reality is not the same for everyone. An artist might be able to enhance the illusion with some detail but he/she won’t be able to create it for everyone. At one time I thought that detail created the illusion but on a couple of occasions I’ve been surprised by very undetailed areas (backgrounds for instance) that achieved it.

I try to get the illusion but there is no reason to think that it is required. If an artist wants to do a completely abstract piece that has no connection to reality then that’s their prerogative. I confess that I’ve never had such a desire, but I like some abstract paintings. I sometimes do a semi-abstract background if the photo background is just too boring.

I take the view that abstract is just made-up and does not represent anything specific. As soon as it starts to resemble something or is based on something the artist is seeing then it is impressionistic. So I don’t paint abstract; everything I do represents to some extent what I am seeing.