How Do I Explain My Art

The simple answer is that I don’t. I’ve often thought that if I have to explain it, it’s not very good art. In my less charitable moments it comes out more like ‘if I have to explain it then you don’t have much of an artist’s eye’. The reality is, there isn’t much to explain. Something about the subject attracted me. This might be as simple as the subject itself or perhaps the interplay of shadow. It could be something counter-intuitive about the meaning of life and its effect on the subject. But to be honest that never happens; it’s the subject and maybe the interplay of shadow.

The present painting is a Still Life with a silver coffee server. I like reflections. They suggest the surroundings but the reflection is rarely perfect and never with as much contrast. Getting it to look like a reflection is the hard part because it’s rarely ever a true mirror and the shape of the reflector is always fun. I’m often surprised with how many reflections I see and in what surfaces. Often it’s just a colour reflection.