Daily Painting

Each morning I open up the image I’m working from in Photoshop. I compare the image to what I have on the painting board and decide what I want to enhance. I have no schedule for this, it’s just whatever catches my attention. Sometimes it’s little additions to a large area, sometimes it’s a single colour to a very small area. I keep doing this with medium sized brushes until I need to switch to a smaller brush.

Of course I start out by checking e-mail and a few other small housekeeping chores. Lately I’ve also had to shovel snow off the walkways. I believe in global warming but you wouldn’t know it looking outside. We’ve already had a lot of snow this year. I have a couple of winter snow scenes lined up for painting. It’s hard to find good snow scenes in the Lower Mainland. We rarely get snow, precipitation is usually in the liquid form.

I believe strongly in the necessity of painting every day. It’s a habit that I’ll cultivate and recommend for anyone else. I find it far too easy to get frustrated with what I am painting and just stop. The painting usually resolves into something interesting but half way through I usually start to doubt that. The painting I’m working on presently is a still life. I look at the original photo and there are lots of things that aren’t quite right. It’s not photo-realism but I see the differences (more every time I compare them) I struggle to see the things the painting needs rather than the differences between it and the photo.