What to write about next?

I was paging through the net looking for a Blog Post idea and I saw a classic sculpture. The sculpture was of an archer just after the arrow is released. The sculpture is classic in style but the timing is not. At least it’s not what I would consider a classic moment. Just after the arrow releases all tension leaves the archer’s body and he/she is concentrating on the arrow in flight. I would normally think that just before the arrow release is the critical moment but this moment is mesmerising.

The archer makes me think about timing. Most artwork is based on a particular moment. With landscapes and still lives the moment is longer but with animals it’s tiny. The trick of course is to select the exact moment. In art and photography the moment was always described to me as the height of extension or most energetic moment. This archer is different. The most energetic moment or greatest extension has passed, it’s just before the arrows release. Just after the arrows release is the most introspective moment, but it arguably has the highest tension even though the energy has all been released. So my take away from this is that the moment that I think of as the ‘peak moment’ isn’t necessarily so. I’m going to start consciously thinking about the moment that I want my painting to convey.


I often don’t know what to write about for my blog, hence my search of the net. My Blog is likely a failure as far as marketing is concerned. I started the blog because most Websites said I should but I ended up enjoying writing it. I love the cartoon in this blog. Maybe he just picked the wrong moment.