I’m not talking about what paint colours I use; I’m referring to the thing I mix my paints on. I’ve never used a traditional pallet. This is the one that painters are supposed to use; that egg shaped board you stick your thumb through. I’ve always thought that was rather useless and opted for a large pane of thick glass, which works well and is easy to clean. I got the pane of glass from the house I grew up in that was torn down to make room for apartments. I still have it.

Now that I have switched to acrylics I use less paint. At least I mix less paint due to how quickly it dries. I bought a small wooden traditional pallet, about 9” x 11”. There is enough room to mix a couple of colours and it cleans up easily. It’s easy to hold in my hand and I don’t need to constantly bend down to reach my glass pallet. I still use the glass pallet when I’m mixing large amounts of paint for backgrounds.

The small pallet has the added advantage that it’s easier to keep my eye on where I’m painting. So there is less chance of getting lost in flower petals.