I’m not the best person to talk about pricing because I don’t paint to eat. I have sold very few paintings. They are taking up space in my attic. My daughter on the other hand sells a great deal, many of them prints and smaller originals. I have many opinions about art pricing but none of them mean much if I’m not actually selling my work.

So having said that here is my take on pricing. First decide who your market is and determine the price they generally buy at. This is easier said than done but with the Internet start looking at paintings and how they are priced. I think the only real criteria you should be looking at is size. Some people seem to value oils higher than acrylics but I don’t agree at all, the medium shouldn’t matter. Size apparently matters, so larger paintings command more money. I know that it takes me just as long to paint some small images as it does to paint larger ones but if that were actually the issue my paintings would be a fortune because it takes me so long to finish them.

My daughter sells much more than I do but she is a little conflicted about what she can charge. Her partner first thought that she charged too much but now that he sees how much work she puts in to them he thinks she charges too little. I think that the amount of time it takes her to produce them has no bearing on the price. The artwork is worth what the market will pay. I know it’s hard for an artist to accept that. Auctions or Galleries are a better place to start because they consider the art a commodity.