Favourite Museum

At the moment it would have to be the Metropolitan in New York. We have a lovely art gallery in Vancouver but I have rarely ever liked the shows. A video of a dying fly does nothing for me. OK so that was just one show many years ago but it is one that I remember and not fondly. The gallery has an extensive collection of Emily Car but rarely show them. There is room where some are shown all the time. I don’t actually like Emily Car but some of her works are very interesting.

I believe our gallery also has a fair collection of the Group of Seven. I like some of them but when I’ve been to the gallery I don’t think they have had any displayed. A local artist that I love is Robert Bateman. I don’t believe our Vancouver Gallery has anything by him.

I love getting lost in the Met; as I did often even though I’ve only been there a couple of times. The turn into the next room is astonishing, particularly when I might never see it again. My wife and I walked around the museum three times before I finally asked where the Arms and Armour exhibit was. The attendant pointed to a door not 20 feet away. I’ve been asked how I know that we walked around three times. I don’t, although I know we’d been in some rooms before, even though I was looking at different things.

Museums can be useful. If I am creatively stuck, walking into a museum is an easy way to clear the cobwebs. I can spend days in a museum and not just because I am lost.


This is why I was looking for the Arms and Armour exhibit in the Met.