New Website

I just re-built my Website.

I’m using Adobe Muse. I originally used Dreamweaver but Muse is faster and has a lot more options. Dreamweaver is probably better for collaborations and it lets you get into the code easier but if you are not seriously into coding then Muse is easier. In fact you hardly have to code at all and Muse has a lot of proprietary functions. I’ve noticed more sites using it lately.

For other artists out there, building a Website can be a challenge and it’s expensive if you have someone else do it. Muse is a good alternative. You need to learn the application but it’s no more difficult than Photoshop or InDesign and it’s a lot more intuitive. There are likely other cheaper alternatives out there. Considering Muse is gaining traction there will likely be other competitive options available soon if they aren’t already.