I Paint Until Disaster

I’ve been thinking about painting methods. I’ve never worried too much about doing it right the first time because I know that I can change it. This is why I don’t like water colours. With pen and ink the image needs to be almost complete in pencil until I start inking. Lots of time to change things. I’m constantly reworking paintings as I paint. I work on various areas, constantly improving and adding to.

My style is generally to work until disaster. I work until I have something that I just cannot fix then I paint over the area. Acrylics give me an advantage here because the fast drying time makes it so much easier. I did the same with oils but that meant taking the canvas off the easel and leaving it for a week or so, to dry. It’s not a complete waste of time because I’ve been trying different things and have often settled on a particular technique when disaster strikes. Now I can start again on the area using the technique I’ve settled upon and repainting the area takes me half or a third of the time. This may not be the best of methods, it’s certainly not the fastest but as I’ve said before I’m slow.