For years I have used a glass pallet. This is an old thick window pane. It allows me to scrape it clean with a pallet knife and works very well. Unfortunately with acrylics drying so fast the paint is dry before I get to the point of scraping it. As a result I’ve been using a smaller area for mixing paint and resorted to mixing the paint on wax paper so that when the paint starts to dry I can throw it away and wash the brushes.

Lately I’ve been using a very small traditional pallet. I’ve never used a traditional pallet. I find trying to hold a large pallet with brushes and medium cumbersome and difficult. The small pallet allows me to paint detail without turning and bending to put more paint on the brush. This is detail work so I’m not doing it long enough for the paint to dry. My daughter was laughing at me that it seems the height of laziness to be concerned with turning and bending down to get more paint but it also allows me to keep my eyes on exactly where I’m painting. I try hard not to put too much detail in my paintings but if I’m doing something like flowers I still get lost in the petals. I use the full pallet when I’m doing large areas of background.