I’m struggling with the painting I have on my easel at the moment. Upon reflection it occurs to me that I struggle with almost every painting and at almost the same time. As you can see the painting has just gotten started. In this particular case I have a number of images that I’m amalgamating into a single image. This isn’t unusual for me but it doesn’t seem to make a difference as to whether I struggle or not.

I think I’m waiting for something to start jumping off the canvas (realism illusion). Sometimes this happens very early and I think I relax when it does. As for the present painting I will press on until this starts to happen. At times I have been painting a background, walk away and when I come back it has come to life. I wasn’t particularly happy with the painting I’m thinking about so an early illusion doesn’t indicate a good result. Regardless I still relax when it happens. With the last painting the illusion didn’t start until I was almost finished and I’m relatively pleased with the finished product.

This begs the question “Why do I paint?”  I paint because I enjoy it. I struggle, so I must enjoy that too. I don’t like most of my paintings, but I still enjoy painting them. If there were no struggle would I still paint? I don’t know but the occasional painting seems to almost paint itself. When I look at one of my paintings, and some part of it jumps off the canvas, I sometimes wonder who painted it.

If overthinking increased value artists would overthink constantly.  I think art critics overthink constantly. I just like to paint.

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