With Pebble Beach (yes I’ve changed the name) I find that shading my eyes from the light helps. I have a fluorescent light immediately above and behind me when I paint. It’s a full spectrum fluorescent so I don’t notice the green tint. When I step back to view this painting the glare is bothersome. This is the first time I’ve noticed it so it may have something to do with the painting. This particular painting is quite dark. I’ll try this more in the future to see if I notice glare on every painting.

I also notice that there is quite a bit of glare when I’m trying to take a picture of it. I usually do this in a different room with full length white sheers on the window and usually in the early evening with an overcast day if possible. I will try a photo outside on an overcast day. I might need to resort to a matt varnish to reduce the glare.

Today I tried taking a picture on an overcast day. It definitely works better. I still think this is a polarizing issue  but now that I have a good image I don’t care as much.