The Next Painting

I’ve noticed that ideas for the next painting or a search for pictures starts while working on the present painting. I’ve been wondering what triggers this. I occasionally dream about the present work but at some point the dreams stop and ideas about a new work start. At one time I just started the new painting but that was always bad news for the old. If I have something new that I have started the old is difficult to finish. Three was the most I ever had on the go at once and it was very difficult to finish the first two. I no longer do that. My studio is small so I don’t have the room to work on more than one at a time.

When I was working with oils, having more than one on the go made sense because I had to leave them to dry periodically. With acrylics there is no reason not to forge ahead. Leaving the painting to dry means making tea.

Thinking about the next painting is an incentive to finish the present one. Each painting is a bit of a challenge. When my ideas for the present painting have solidified that’s when I start thinking about the next. It’s very attractive to think that I’m always looking for the next challenge. It may also be that I’m a little ADD but I think I’ll stick with the challenge idea.