Technology is not a cheat

I posted something a while ago about an artist using a CNC machine. I’ve just watched Tim’s Vermeer again, and I got to thinking about cheats. Tim Jenison used a modified camera Lucida. I’ve tried to use a Camera Obscura and it doesn’t work. The film talks about this. I’ve thought about using a Camera Lucida but haven’t got around to it. I think it could be useful to match colours and shades from disparate areas in a scene but difficult to set up depending on how your studio is set up; in mine I don’t see how it would work at all. It could be nice to know that a certain colour and shade was absolutely accurate. If I want to make alterations in the image it could be equally annoying; blue rather than steely grey water for example.


I highly recommend the documentary.


A Camera Lucida is available commercially.,40725&p=72293

Although not exactly the same as the tool that Tim Jenison uses in the film, the principal is similar.