Sad … Empty Pouch

Just looking at images of Barcelona. I would love to see Gaudi’s Cathedral. Many cities have lively art communities. New Orleans is one Barcelona is another. It’s interesting how some cities attract artists. The attraction usually centers on a particular architect or artist but some are just beautiful. Gaudi’s Cathedral interests me both intellectually and visually. My own home city does not strike me as having a big art community. Apparently to others it does.

It’s interesting how religion is so closely associated with art. Lots of reasons why but I still find the close association curious. Particularly when many artists have been persecuted by the very religion that they rely on for patronage.


Pelican is almost done. I’m not going to call it ‘Pelican’ I’m going to call it ‘Sad … Empty Pouch’. In the original image the pelican looks a little sad. It’s curious how to me water needs to be blue. It rarely is. Water around Vancouver is mostly a steely gray and sometimes a little dirty looking. Our ideas of what a thing should look like rarely match our perceptions of it. I’m happy painting what I think it should look like.