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I do price my work even though there aren’t any prices shown on my Website. I’m on disability so I am in the enviable position of not needing to sell my paintings. I paint what I want in the way I want and I enjoy it.

I don’t think that an artist should limit themselves to particular sizes of work. Every customer will have a particular location in their home that they are looking for something to put in it. I have no idea how big or small that location is. I believe that if they find something they can’t live without they will find a place for it. When I start a painting it demands a larger or smaller canvas or sometimes a particular shape and that is what I use. I’m limited to what my studio can hold (studio is a highfalutin name for a little space in my basement). But I do believe that there needs to be some consistency in pricing.

If I struggle with a work it is not worth more. Maybe it took two or three times as long as another work but that doesn’t mean that someone will pay more for it. Some time ago I decided to take all that struggle away from my work. I now price by adding the horizontal measurement to the vertical and multiplying the result by an arbitrary number to come up with a price that I am OK with. I could also multiply them together to come up with an area measurement and then multiply it with a dollar amount. This means that smaller pieces will be a lower price and larger pieces will be a higher price. I believe that customers think this is logical. Commissions are different. Commissions should always be a higher price because the customer will change their mind and add work. I don’t take commissions!

Now the trick is to stick with it. If I sell everything then I charge more money. If I am annoyed with how little I’m making then I charge more money. If I sell nothing then I cry or become a graphic designer and work on salary. I enjoyed graphic design; it’s just different.

Here is a good article about pricing:

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  1. These are good thoughts! I haven’t gotten to the point of selling artwork yet, but it’s always good to keep these principles in the back of your mind.


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