Do you have trouble writing about your art?

I do. It’s not that I am embarrassed, self-conscious or particularly shy. I just have very little to say about it. I like painting although sometimes I find it frustrating. I rarely like the finished product. In the rare instances that there is some part of the work that I think is good, it is time to celebrate. It’s certainly surprising. I’ve been asked why I continue to paint if I don’t like the result. I like to paint. The result doesn’t really matter so I put it in my attic and start another painting.

I like talking about techniques. No one believes me when I tell them that anyone can paint. A couple of techniques and a little desire and you’re good to go. Now this doesn’t make a great artist; I have no idea what actually makes a great artist, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t paint if you enjoy it.

I like painting on flat surfaces. I’ve been painting on canvas for years but I have had the opportunity to paint on board and I like it. Lately I’ve been using modeling paste to smooth out the canvas. I might try switching to Linen, it has a little less tooth. Opus caries painting boards that are quite large and reasonably priced so I might do more painting on board.

Subjects to write about? Here is a Website with over a hundred ideas for things to write about. I’ve been using it lately and it’s really helpful.

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  1. I have luckily stopped picking apart my paintings for others. I get feedback from my wife and daughters. They can be brutal but it works. One of my daughters is also an artist so the feedback is different and useful.

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