An artist that I like. But why?

Dana Irving’s work is not particularly realistic although I recognise a couple of the locations. Her style is nothing like mine. She uses organic shapes (sometimes not so organic) for trees and foliage. If I were describing what I liked to someone else, I’m sure they would not think of Dana Irving. However I keep going back to look at it; I like it.

What is it that attracts me to her work? The colours are warm and often inviting. The transitions from one colour to another are smooth and pleasing. It’s actually a bit of a shock that I like her work. Would I hang it on my wall? I think I would. Her figurative work have nice pointed toes (my daughter is a dancer). I suspect that she paints what she likes in the way she likes. In that I like to think that we have something in common. I don’t really know what attracts me to her work and maybe that is what art is all about.