10 artists whose work I like.

Judy Villett works in textiles. When I walked into her small studio I thought at first I was looking at paintings. When I realised they were fabric I was first disappointed but I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Beautiful work and something I can’t imagine doing.



I like David Langevin’s work. He has a great article on his site about the permanence of acrylics.



Will Enn’s grapes are beautiful. He creates them digitally then prints them. This is not a slight. I’ve done work on the computer and I like it. But paint on board or canvas is different, there is something about it that I find fulfilling and I don’t have to worry about print resolution.



The colours are wonderful. Whimsical and free I think I would enjoy painting them.



Beautiful. Her waves are exquisite.



I like her work but sometimes it’s hard to tell reality from painting.



I like her wrought iron and landscapes.






I like his work. It’s probably the colours he uses that really draw me. However I disagree with the way some galleries market ‘Gicleé’ images. Gicleé is simply a high quality archival inkjet print. I don’t know how you can do original Gicleé unless the work is digital and then printed on a Gicleé printer. Gicleé is just a brand name.



I love to look at watercolour. I can’t do it but I love to look.