Impasto techniques

I was in New Orleans recently and noticed that impasto is very prevalent. I’m generally not a fan of impasto but New Orleans artists use it to good effect. With acrylics I think impasto is a little easier because the drying time is less. An acrylic gesso can be applied first, built up almost like sculpture, and then paint on top. Most artists use oil paint on top because, for whatever reason, it’s easier to sell as an oil painting. I’ll stick with acrylics.

The art in New Orleans is often very impressionistic. Some of it a little too much so but most of it I like. Some artists that I really love are:

The colours are striking. Many of the buildings are also brightly coloured so I think that’s why it shows up in the art. I’m going to try to push my technique in the direction of this use of colour if not impasto.