Try House Paint?

Just watched a video again about John Myatt, a notorious British art forger. I am certainly fascinated by art forgery but this time I was interested in paint. John Myatt often used house paint. He appears to have used various paints indiscriminately. I recognise a Liquitex and a Dulux logo on the video. The astonishing thing is that these actually mix. I wouldn’t expect oils to mix although some artists use oils on top of acrylics with success. I’m a little surprised that there isn’t some adverse chemical reaction with various acrylics.

I’m inclined to think that the major art brands of paint are better quality but Myatt didn’t seem to care. The major art brands differentiate between professional and student quality but I really wonder if there is any difference other than price. I use Golden Open because of the longer drying time. I also use Golden standard brand and Liquitex but they definitely dry faster. Sometimes this is a concern and sometimes it isn’t. With oils I used to have paintings sitting around in process for months at a time waiting for them to dry enough to put another layer on top. Next time I’m looking for paint I’m not going to turn my noise up if there is a student version at a good price.