Sleigh Detail

I have another canvas on my easel and I am yet again fighting with detail. This painting is going to require loads of detail and just using a bigger brush is not going to help. It needs the detail. Ultimately I don’t really mind but I have another picture that I’m dreaming about and it’s going to be quite a while before I can get to it. I’m tempted to start it before this one is finished but I know it’s just my dislike of detail that’s fueling it so I will resist. It’s not a bad thing to have multiple canvases on the go at one time but it used to be because I was waiting for them to dry. Now with acrylics that is not necessary.

This one is actually quite interesting because it’s so light in tone. Usually I start with the darker tones and end up constantly lightening but this one is the opposite. This one is barely half-way but a little work on the sleigh started it jumping (looking realistic) so I’m feeling good about the prospects.