Good artists work for themselves not for an audience


Selling art is a necessity for an artist (although some are not very good at it) but many artists seem to get caught up in it and equate sales to success. Their art often falters at this point. I have talked to many artists who have achieved success only to crash and burn, then resurrect themselves brilliantly with new, better and different works. This is not a fait acompli but it seems to happen often.

If I work for myself then my work improves and evolves. If I work to sell more art I’m afraid I will start perceiving my work as a commodity (that’s assuming that it’s selling) and as a result produce more of the same thing. I look at a lot of portfolios on the Web and they are filled with similar works. Presumably these are works that sell. I need to limit the number of works I do on any theme then move on. If all of them sell then I allow myself to do two more and then move on. I often do only one on any theme. At that point I don’t even perceive it as a theme. If I sell three I might start thinking of it as a theme; this hasn’t happened often (perhaps I should say never). I might revisit the theme later.

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