What I like about acrylics

They don’t smell. I started with oil many years ago. I love the smell of Turpentine, at least the way it used to smell. Turpentine comes from various tree saps. It used to smell like Tea Tree Oil (nothing to do with tea). A number of years ago the refining process was changed to a newer, better, cheaper process. This change removed the smell that I loved and changed it to a harsh chemical odour that I dislike. I stopped painting. At the time I didn’t think it was because of the change in odour but in retrospect I see that it was a major reason. The new acrylics changed that because they hardly smell at all (at least not that I notice) and they are water based.

They dry fast but so long as I can vary the drying time I don’t mind. Drying fast means that I can paint for 15 or 20 minutes, sit down and think about it, then paint over-top. With oils the waiting time is days.

There are lots of pigments. I have always used many different coloured paints so having a good choice is nice and there are new ones (new to me).

Dying Swan