Acrylic Opacity

I was trying to post a reply to a question on a forum. Too much work. Register, got an e-mail, replied, tried to post, got another e-mail and an error message, register again , e-mail … post … e-mail … Now I can’t find the original thread. So here it is.

I had trouble with opacity when I first started using acrylics. Oils are much more opaque. Acrylic colours seem more saturated which I like. I solved the problem by over-painting with an opaque white. Titanium White seems good.  I’m using Golden Open slow drying paint. Now when I over paint the white using the beautiful saturated colour, it is fabulous. Actually it seems better than just using the colour directly on the canvas even though there is a white Gesso on the canvas. I might use this as a technique for some colours to make them more vibrant.

Quinacridone Flowers