Are you battling with detail?


Detail prolongs the time it takes me to finish a painting. Detail isn’t a requirement for a lifelike quality. Detail uses too many small brushes. It is often the reason I decide that a painting is finished (I just don’t want to do it anymore).

These are some of the problems with detail. You can always add more detail to a painting and sometimes getting a lifelike quality to the painting requires it. I really admire artists who can paint and get a lifelike quality without resorting to tiny brushes and excessive time. I remember classes years ago where I would walk into class and see three or four sets of items on a table. We were given 15 or 20 minutes to paint each one; say an hour total. So we slapped the paint on. I thought this was completely useless. I now look back on the exercise fondly. Some of the results looked pretty good others were terrible but the exercise itself was very useful. I learned to use a bigger brush.

It’s interesting that some of these things have ended up on my sister’s wall. Apparently my mother kept everything.